The Inspiration

The 2024 Spring Summer Collection takes inspiration from the opulence of the rococo era, featuring exquisite silhouettes reminiscent of that bygone time. Additionally, the collection introduces a futuristic twist, drawing influence from the 1981 book '2081: A Hopeful View of the Human Future' by Princeton physicist Gerard K. O'Neill.

The Print

Designer Rene brings in a space theme that serves as the focal point of the collection. The traditional Toile de Jouy print, dating back to 2500–1500 BCE, undergoes a remarkable reinterpretation, incorporating space elements. These elements weave a narrative, offering a glimpse into the designer's profound love for astronomy.

Discover all the Looks

Presented in Paris Fashion Week, Rene brings a new sophisticated look to the brand mixing history, The present, The past and the future.