The First Ever

For the first time ever, René Mejia introduces a bag designed for the SS24 collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week, bringing the allure of an everyday essential. The bag will soon be available for Pre-Order. To be the first to know about the Pre-Order date, please Contact Us or Subscribe to our Newsletter.

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Featured in Vogue

Look 7: Featured in Vogue Magazine, The suit takes direct inspiration from the light blue Moire fabric worn to royals in the rococo era, along with a toile de jouy print crepe shirt and the RMTravel bag.

Featured in Elle

Look 3: Featured in Elle Magazine.
Introducing the print of the collection, the toile de jouy print has been re-invented to fit the theme of the collection, Space exploration. With elements that depict space travel an assertion into a new reality. Layered in printed silk organza to create depth and a technological 3 dimensional aspect, the discovery of a new world. The structured skirt has taken shape from the rococo silhouettes while maintaining modernity, the bolero jacket is layered in blue tulle to depict a gradient atmosphere through which we travel to space. The Luna Bag, the perfect accessory to complete the look.

Featured in Glamour

Look 6: Featured in Glamour Magazine. The Hand beaded RM Monogram silk organza shirt with over 80 hours of hand work design to resemble the stars in the sky, paired with white wool tuxedo pants with hand beaded side panels in a gradient form, white to silver, this look brings to life the idea of a tuxedo suit re-interpreted with a modern twist.
The Bag: The Sac in a complimentary monotone beige color. Available to preorder soon.

Hello and Welcome!

Who am i?

My name is René Mejia, i am an aspiring Fashion Designer in the South Florida area

I grew up in a small country located in Central America called El Salvador. I moved to South Florida when i was 10 years old, at 18 i started to attend school for Graphic Design after Completing my degree, I decided to venture into the fashion world by enrolling in the Fashion Program which lead me to Present my 2016 Spring Summer Collection at New York Fashion Week as part of an International Competition where i was one of the 6 winners. This helped me get my name in some of the biggest publications Like Harpers Bazaar China, People Magazine, The Cut and many others.

A few years later i decided to go back to school and won the 2018 inaugural Scholarship to Istituto Marangoni Miami in which i studied for two and a half years and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design in July 2020 in the middle of the covid-19 Pandemic which was a very challenging time for all design students.

Now I am working on launching my brand and I would love for you to come with me in this journey and see what i can build.

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